The 38 years old Brazilian photographer Carol Da Riva is a citizen of the world. She bought her first camera with 19 years old and immediately got on the road looking for a new horizon, a new world to discover. Today, she is a chronicler of old communities life style and traditions, who likes to approach those people who still live connected with the earths natural rhythms. Her social reportages pretend to give colors for the images, looking the bright side of the rainbow. That’s take time. She needs to be trusted, go inside their houses, share a cup of tea, understand their fight with an anthropologic eye. And soul.

Carols’ work has been published in major Brazilian magazines, like National Geographic, art galleries and books, such as  “Ensinar é criar oportunidades”, “Amazonia das Águas” and “Conhecer para conservar”.

She currently resides with her children in Bali, documenting the saga of Asian people. From that was born “Learning in the World”, a family on the road in search of human diversity and the natural beauty. You can follow the project through the blog, inserted into the portal of the one brazilians biggest newspaper “O Estado de São Paulo.”.”