Burma, a story of beauty and courage.


Seaweed Life

A seaweed farmer in Nusa Lembongan can never have a typical day.


The Sacred Rice

Rice, to the Balinese, is more than just the staple food; It is an integral part of the Balinese Culture.


Carol has travelled on assignment to more than 30 countries documenting  culture, ethnic minorities, environment, tourism, arts and architecture. Her work appears regularly in Brazilian and international newspapers and magazines such as National Geographic,  TAM Inflight Magazine, Marie Claire, Elle, Eurobike, Horizonte Geográfico, among others.


March 10, 2015


March 3, 2015


February 6, 2015


February 5, 2015

Need a Photographer based in Asia?

Carol Da Riva is now based in Bali and is working as correspondent for few magazines and newspapers around the world. If you need a photographer in this side of the globe for editorial or comercial work, please contact us!

Documentary Videographer

Passionate about documentary, Carol has been on board of many projects in the area. If you need someone to shoot or to produce the entire project, reach us out!

Image Bank

The files of photographer Carol Da Riva include more than 200 thousand catalogued images available to be licensed for temporary use. To buy licensing images for editorial or commercial use, please send an e-mail to imagebank@caroldariva.com


Working as a NGO photographer gave me the privilege of observing what life was like for a wide cross-section of society: Brazilian indigenous tribes, orphans, sex workers, rice and seaweed farmers, fishermen, less privilege kids, homeless and others. I love working with people that are passionate about what they do.  I feel like I am also making a difference.

Tourism Industry

If you have a hotel, restaurant or travel agency and wants to communicate with your clients, Carol has worked for many brands as Aman Resorts, Mandarin Oriental, Txai Resorts, Tugu Hotels, I Fell Good Kitchen among others.

Workshops and Photo Tours

Living in Bali for the last 4 years Carol offers photography workshops to  improve your techniques while exploring  ancient temples, markets, rural villages, rice fields and balinese cerimonies. Please send an e-mail for workshop@caroldariva.com for more info

Passionate about revealing different  aspects of  remote cultures all around the world, Carol’s work  help us to understand how people live in different corners of the planet.